GeneMax® Advantage

GeneMax® Advantage helps commercial producers of Black Angus genetics avoid costly mistakes by informing the selection of the most advantageous heifers and strategically breeding them to produce valuable calves and superior replacements.

Use it to:

  • Easily and dependably evaluate commercial Angus heifers across maternal, feedlot and carcass traits
  • Benchmark your herd against more than 100,000 tested commercial Angus replacement candidates

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What it's for

Genetic testing with GeneMax® Advantage provides insights that help make your biggest decisions easier.
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Selection Decisions

  • Earlier, more dependable, and simplified heifer selection using economic index scores
  • Eliminate heifers with specific potential problems (e.g., docility, calving ease) unseen with visual inspection alone
  • Benchmark genetic strengths and weaknesses for groups of candidate heifers
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Breeding Decisions

  • More effective mating to accentuate strengths, correct weaknesses and achieve production goals
  • Smarter bull buying and/or more strategic AI sire selection decisions to complement herd strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps avoid inbreeding and reduced performance in reproductive and fitness traits with SireMatch

How it works

See how GeneMax® can help improve your herd with more confidence and accuracy.
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Focused on Angus Cattle

GeneMax® Advantage is a genomic test for prospective commercial Angus replacement females that are 75% or greater Black Angus breed composition.
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Three Index Scores

GeneMax Advantage delivers three economic index scores (Cow, Feeder and Total), genomic predictions for 17 individual traits benchmarked against more than 100,000 tested commercial Angus replacement heifer candidates, as well as SireMatch to registered and transferred HD 50K® and Angus GS-tested bulls.
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More Desirable Scores

Trait and index scores range from 1 to 100, with 50 representing average genetic merit and higher scores generally more desirable.



GeneMax Advantage matches potential Angus sires to tested heifer progeny.

This enables producers with HD 50K and Angus GS-tested Angus bulls to proactively manage inbreeding, or avoidance of closely related common ancestors, which can adversely affect reproductive, survival and fitness traits.

Value Return

  • The GeneMax Total Advantage index simplifies selection for enhanced net return across the cow/calf, feeding and carcass phases of production
  • Identify heifers that possess documented genetic merit for value-added marketing as replacement heifers
  • Help with feeder cattle price discovery through programs such as AngusLink

Traits and Indexes

GeneMax Advantage puts the power of genomic scores and easy-to-use economic indexes into your hands.
  • Birth Weight (BW)
  • Calving Ease Maternal (CEM)
  • Weaning Weight (WW)
  • Heifer Pregnancy (HP)
  • Milk
  • Yearling Height (YH)
  • Mature Cow Weight (MW)
  • Cow Cost
  • Docility (DOC)
  • Foot Claw & Angle Composite (CAC)
  • Post-Weaning Gain (Gain)
  • Feed-To-Gain (F:G)
  • Carcass Weight (CW)
  • Marbling (MARB)
  • Ribeye Area (RE)
  • Fat Thickness (FAT)
  • Tenderness (TND)
Cow Advantage
Index scores rank candidate replacements for net return from combined genetic merit for heifer pregnancy, calving ease maternal and direct (includes birth weight), direct and maternal weaning weight (milk), docility and foot soundness (claw and angle composite), as well as associated costs of production due to differences in mature cow size and milk production, while also accounting for variation in cull cow value.
Feeder Advantage
Index scores rank candidate replacements for net returns from combined genetic merit transmitted to progeny for post-weaning gain, carcass weight and grade (USDA Quality and Yield Grades as predicted by component traits), and costs of gain due to genetic differences in dry matter intake and associated feed-to-gain.
Total Advantage
Index scores rank candidate replacements for net returns from combined genetic merit across economically relevant traits captured in the Cow and Feeder Advantage indexes. As such, this is the simplest, most comprehensive prediction of systemwide production efficiency upon which to primarily base selection and breeding decisions.
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