Every tool has its purpose.

Genetic testing your cattle may feel like futuristic technology, but it’s not. It can help you change the future of your operation today.

With a range of beef cattle genetic solutions, you can find the right option for your operation in just a few questions.

Genetic testing your cattle

It’s not theoretical. Genetic testing is a proven technology and can help your operation in all kinds of ways.

I want to see how genetic testing can help my:

Use it to help reach your goals faster, with more confidence and fewer mistakes.
Use it to help make smarter decisions about selection and breeding.
Use it to help improve the quality and performance of your cattle.
Use it to help reach your goals faster, with more confidence and fewer mistakes.
Use it to help address areas in need of improvement in your herd.
Use it to help make better bull-buying decisions.
Use it to share Genomic Enhanced-EPDs (GE-EPDs) with customers as they shop for bulls and replacement heifers.
Use it to verify or determine sire and dam parentage, or identify carriers of various genetic conditions.
Use it to help find genetically superior outliers for use in AI, ET and IVF programs, and value-added breeder-to-breeder sales.
I can pick a good heifer just by looking at her.

Go beyond visual evaluation.

Sometimes there are traits your eye just can’t see, good and bad. Genetic testing can give you more certainty on what your herd’s really made of, and what it can be.

See how genetic testing can help your operation
How can this help my operation?

Uncover new information.

Genetic testing for cattle is a tool with many purposes. For example, selecting for moderate cow size, fertility, feed efficiency and growth performance, you can help reduce your input costs. Explore the prompts above to see how genetic testing can help your operation.

See how we can help you go beyond the surface level 
I can select heifers visually.

Insights the eye can’t see.

Sure, the eye is a valuable tool, but genetic testing can find strengths and weaknesses that go beyond appearances.

Find the genetics tool that goes beyond visual appraisal
I don’t have time to wait for results.

Make progress faster.

We get it. A few weeks seems like a long time on the ranch. But waiting to see if you kept the right heifer takes even longer, and can cost more than you think.

Find the genetic tool that can help you pick the heifers with the most profit potential in your herd
It’s too expensive.

Don’t get left behind.

Nowadays, genetic testing is considered the gold standard for producers. Investing in the right program is becoming a prerequisite to do business. Can you afford not to test?

See how genetic testing can help keep you competitive
I don’t have the time or resources.

It’s easy to get started.

Getting started with genetic testing may be quicker and easier than you think. All you need is a tissue sample collected whenever you’re working with your herd. Relative to all the other data you collect as a seedstock breeder, a tissue sample is simple. The best part? You can receive your results in as little as four weeks.

See how we can help you go beyond visual appraisal

Our product lineup

Get accurate insights on the potential of commercial crossbred replacement heifers in a matter of weeks for more informed selection and mating decisions.
GeneMax® Advantage
Make informed decisions on commercial Angus replacement heifers with reports for specific maternal, feedlot and carcass traits.
HD 50K®
Generate more insights on an animal’s genetic potential instead of waiting for 10 to 20 progeny records from conventional genetic evaluations.
Genetic conditions and add-on tests
Gain more insights on your herd through additional tests that can help you identify genetic conditions.

Let’s get to work.

We’re here to help you, from ordering supplies to receiving results. Enter your contact information, and a genetics expert will contact you to answer questions and help you get started.

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