HD 50K®

Don’t follow the herd. Improve it. HD 50K® for Angus represents advancement in genotyping technology specifically for Angus breeders.

Use it to:

  • Get genomic-enhanced expected progeny differences (GE-EPDs) and more dependable index predictions for registered Angus bulls and females
  • Make more informed Angus bull and female selection and marketing decisions

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What it's for

Genetic testing with HD 50K® provides insights that help make your biggest decisions easier.
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Selection Decisions

  • Earlier, more dependable selection using GE-EPDs and economic indexes with enhanced accuracy
  • Identify genetically superior, outlier bulls and females for more rapid propagation through AI, ET and IVF programs and related marketing
  • Identify seedstock with desired genetic merit for important specific purposes (e.g., selection of heifer bulls for ease of calving when bred to replacement heifers)
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Breeding Decisions

  • More reliable matings to accentuate strengths and correct weaknesses to achieve breeding goal
  • Included parentage verification enables more informed avoidance of inbreeding or intentional linebreeding
  • Reduced mating risks related to costly ET and IVF programs


Better information, strategic decisions

HD 50K® for Angus immediately boosts the accuracy of conventional EPDs and indexes, roughly equivalent to more than a first calf crop with performance information for bulls and more than a lifetime of production for females.


Angus seedstock breeders and commercial bull buyers demand GE-EPDs. Make sure you’re prepared and don’t let your operation fall behind.

HD 50K or Angus GS-tested bull batteries enables SireMatch for GeneMax Advantage tested female progeny.

Traits and Indexes

HD 50K puts the power of GEPDs and more dependable economic indexes into your hands.
  • Calving Ease Direct (CED)
  • Birth Weight (BW)
  • Weaning Weight (WW)
  • Yearling Weight (YW)
  • Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG)
  • Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
  • Yearling Height (YH)
  • Scrotal Circumference (SC)
  • Heifer Pregnancy (HP)
  • Calving Ease Maternal (CEM)
  • Milk
  • Mature Cow Weight (MW)
  • Mature Cow Height (MH)
  • Cow Energy Value ($EN)
  • Docility (Doc)
  • Claw Angle (Claw)
  • Foot Angle (Angle)
  • Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP)
  • Hair Shed (HS)
  • Carcass Weight (CW)
  • Marbling (MARB)
  • Ribeye Area (RE)
  • Fat Thickness (FAT)
  • $Angus Indexes
A DNA sequence. A DNA sequence. A DNA sequence. A DNA sequence.

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