INHERIT® Select is an innovative genetic test and weekly multibreed genetic evaluation for commercial cow/calf producers.

Intended for crossbred cattle of the eight major breeds, INHERIT Select provides predictions to help you make more profitable selection and breeding decisions while harnessing the power of hybrid vigor.

Use it to:

  • Inform heifer selection and breeding decisions
  • Benchmark your herd’s genetic strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify effective sires and manage inbreeding
  • Better inform bull buying and sire selection decisions

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See How It Works

Take a look at how INHERIT Select can help your operation.

What it's for

Genetic testing with INHERIT® Select provides insights that help make your biggest decisions easier.

Selection Decisions

  • Simplify decisions using economic indexes to help enhance net returns
  • Benchmark your herd to find genetic strengths and weaknesses
  • Select replacements with genetic potential matched to your ranch’s resources

Breeding Decisions

  • Be more strategic with bull buying to complement the females in your herd
  • Improve cow fertility and productivity with breed composition insights
  • Avoid inbreeding by using insights on sire parentage and performance

Marketing Decisions

  • Produce marketable feeder calves without sacrificing the cows thriving on your ranch
  • Show customers why your replacement heifers are a cut above the rest
  • Earlier heifer selection provides marketing flexibility and opportunity to prioritize feed resources to replacements

How it works

See how INHERIT® Select can help improve your herd with more confidence and accuracy.

Progress your herd

INHERIT Select delivers multibreed genetic insights that enable you to make higher-return commercial replacement female selection and breeding decisions.

Backed by data

INHERIT Select is backed by more than 1.4 million straight-bred and crossbred animals, giving you access to more information, and more confidence.

Advance your herd

INHERIT Select gives cow/calf producers access to genomic expected progeny differences (GEPDs) and percentile rankings for 20 traits, three easy-to-use economic indexes and two optional add-on indexes.



Sire parentage contributes to the accuracy of GEPD and enables management of inbreeding.

Discover which sires have the greatest influence on the herd.

Breed Composition

Breed composition accounts for 15 cattle breeds and can be used to optimize breed percentage, breed complementarity and maternal heterosis in selection and breeding decisions. Cattle compositions must be a total of 75% or more of the eight breeds listed to generate genetic predictions from INHERIT Select.

Target 8 Major Breeds
  • Angus
  • Red Angus
  • South Devon
  • Hereford
  • Simmental
  • Gelbvieh
  • Limousin
  • Charolais

Percent Ranks

Ranking females against other commercial animals in the evaluation allows for easy benchmarking of trait and index predictions to better gauge genetic strengths and weaknesses.

20 GEPDs

Includes 20 trait predictions in the form of GEPDs that are updated weekly.

Informs indexes and enables specific and strategic selection, breeding and marketing decisions that can be tailored to herds.

INHERIT Insights

Created with the technical services team, the INHERIT Insights report assists producers with interpreting results to make better herd decisions.

Traits and Indexes

INHERIT Select puts the power of GEPDs and easy-to-use economic indexes into your hands.
  • Birth Weight (BW)
  • Weaning Weight (WW)
  • Yearling Weight (YW)
  • Dry Matter Intake (DMI)
  • Feed to Gain (F:G)
  • Yearling Height (YH)
  • Mature Cow Weight (MW)
  • Calving Ease Maternal (CEM)
  • Milk
  • Teat & Udder Composite (TUC)
  • Docility (DOC)
  • Cow Fertility (FRT)
  • Scrotal Circumference (SC)
  • Foot Score Composite (FSC)
  • Carcass Weight (CW)
  • Fat Thickness (FAT)
  • Ribeye Area (REA)
  • Yield Grade (YG)
  • Marbling (MARB)
  • Tenderness (TND MVP)
  • Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (PAP)*
Zoetis Cow/Calf (ZCC) Index
The ZCC index evaluates and ranks females for predicted genetic differences in net returns during the cow/calf phase of production – from conception (sustained fertility) and cow costs to the sale of weaned calves.
Zoetis Feedlot/Carcass (ZFC) Index
The Zoetis Feedlot Carcass (ZFC) index evaluates and ranks females for transmitted genetic differences to calves in net returns during the post-weaning feedlot and carcass phases of production.
Zoetis Total Return (ZTR) index
The ZTR index evaluates and ranks heifers for predicted genetic differences in net returns across all phases of production from cow/calf to feedlot and carcass – assumes retention of replacements and retained ownership – and is the single most informative genetic prediction included in INHERIT Select.


Want extra information from your genetic testing results? Here are some add-on INHERIT Select products that could help your operation.

Indexes from Leachman Cattle of Colorado

$Ranch Index
The $Ranch Index focuses on maternal productivity from breeding to weaning profitability, expressed on a per-calf basis.
$Profit Index
The $Profit Indexes encompass the complete range of traits related to revenue and costs, throughout the entire pre- and post-weaning (feedlot), as well as carcass phases of production — divide by 100 to express on a per-calf basis.

Pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP) GEPD and ranks - informs adaptability to high altitude environments.

GeneSTAR® HornPoll test supports animal well-being by enabling elimination of horned animals.

GeneSTAR Black identifies the presence of black, red and wild-type color traits for color prediction.

NOTE: HornPoll and Black are included features with no additional charge.

Get the full details in our tech bulletin here.

INHERIT® Connect

INHERIT® Connect is a companion test to INHERIT Select, which enables genomic testing of bull batteries to determine daughter parentage — connects candidate sires to tested daughters — no other results are reported from INHERIT Connect.

Use it to:

  • Allow for more complete sire determination across a group of tested heifers and bulls

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